Ricki Barlow
Las Vegas City Councilman:

"Ted is my choice for sheriff, the programs he's put in place are helping Metro police our communities better and safer."

Debra March
Henderson City Councilwoman:

"No one has proposed more innovative programs than Ted Moody …. He will be a superb Sheriff."

John Lee
North Las Vegas Mayor:

"Ted Moody has the integrity we need to move Metro forward. Ted Moody is the right choice to lead Metro."

Chris Giunchigliani
Clark County Commissioner:

"Leadership starts at the top, that's why we need Ted Moody as our next Sheriff."

Dear Neighbors,

My name is Ted Moody and I’m running for Sheriff of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department in 2014.

I’ve spent my entire professional career in law enforcement. I’m a husband, a father and I love this community. During my 30 years on the force, my track record is one of effective leadership, reform and continued outreach to the community.

Under my direct leadership, many talented and dedicated men and women worked hard to help me develop and successfully implement some of the most innovative programming Metro has ever seen.

I believe the culture at Metro can move forward and I hope you’ll stand with me as we move Metro forward together.

Whether it’s directly through my contact page or by calling 702-992-0585, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or to get involved in the campaign.

I would appreciate your vote.


Former Assistant Sheriff Ted Moody


Paid for and authorized by Ted Moody for Sheriff. Political Contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes.
Contributors may contribute up to $10,000, $5,000 for the Primary Election and $5,000 for the General Election.